Recommended Reading

These reading lists are my recommendations based primarily on genre – there are a few books on each list so if you’re looking for something good to read, check them out!

If you have something to you think should be added to any of these lists, a suggestion based on the books on this list, or you just want to make the world a better place by telling everyone to read your most favorite book, pop over to Suggest a Book. And, you know, suggest a book.

– The Lists –
(under construction)

My Favorites
My favorite books – they may or may not appear on some of the lists below. Not all of the  books I think are amazing are my favorites, but I generally enjoy all the other books on the lists, too.

Science Fiction And Fantasy
I consider these to be two generally distinct genres – but there is a lot of crossing over (a great example of that is Star Wars). They go together very well – here are some of my favorites.

Graphic Novels
Just because there are pictures doesn’t mean there aren’t words!

As in, two people fall into mutual like. Love stories. I don’t read soft porn. Go big or go home, man.

Realistic and Historical
These two genres go very well together as most of the historical fiction I read is also realistic fiction.

Young Adult
While I think the segregation of YA is more ambiguous than people like to make it (for example: To Kill A Mockingbird follows a child, and it’s definitely not YA), I like to split it off for those of you who are very specifically looking for a young adult novel.

Disclaimer: Shakespeare is not the only person who has ever written a play. I mean, I like to think he is, but there are other good ones too! We can basically assume that everything by that man is worth a read (okay, maybe I’ll sneak a few of his plays onto the list).

To Improve Writing Skills
Great books to read if you’re looking to improve a certain aspect of your writing.


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