Favorite Characters Vol. 2

Let’s talk about the ladies.

Gilda Joyce

In an earlier blog, I believe I cited Twilight as my discovery of a love of reading. I had never read fantasy before and it lead me into trying to find better fantasies, but there was actually two series that came just before. May Bird, and Gilda Joyce.

Gilda Joyce was a sort of young supernatural detectives series, and I loved every second of it. Gilda was extremely eccentric, the type who wore pink cat eye glasses and blue wigs, disguising herself my looking completely ridiculous. She was around the age of 14, I believe, and an aspiring novelist, with around 5 ‘completed’ manuscripts hiding in her closest. She was basically be before I knew I was me. Outspoken, ridiculous, she’ll always be one of my favorites.

Isobel Lanley

Isobel is the protagonist of the Nevermore series. While I don’t immediately consider her to be one of my favorites, she sort of breaks the stereotype, so I feel like I should mention her. She’s a cheerleader dating a football player at the start of the story. Of, you know where this is going. She falls for the quiet kid and dumps her douche bag boyfriend and realize how much of a bitch she was and everyone lives happily ever after!


She’s actually a genuinely nice person. She doesn’t like to break the boundaries of high school, sticking to her own crowd and all that, but she’s a nice girl. And, I mean, an actual cheerleader who competes and stuff rather than just waving around pom-poms in a skimpy outfit. Her boyfriend is also kind of nice, he’s just the jealous type. So dumps him for being a douche. Only after that does she start to fall for the weird guy, and even that has a natural progression to it. She’s portrayed as a lovely young lady, and I appreciate that.

This list might seem slightly underwhelming, but most of the ladies I want to talk about, I feel deserve their own blog. You know, Hazel, Jane Eyre, Nuria Monfort. Yeah.

Ta-ta for now.

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