Favorite Characters Vol. 1

It’s Day 15 of the 30 Day Challenge. There is no day 14. Day 14 is a lie.


The prompt is favorite male characters. I have so many I’ve decided to just start a series talking about my favorite characters in literature. I’m going to start with Jacob something or other, Mackie Doyle, and Augustus Waters.

Mackie Doyle

Mackie is the protagonist of the YA book The Replacement. Basically, the book is about a small superstitious town that lives with the constant fear of their children being taken in the night by these creatures who are severely allergic to iron. It’s a quirky little tale, taking a lot of it’s lore from fairy lore, and the idea of the changeling. In the book, when one of the human babies is taken, the creatures leave behind one of their own sick children. The replacement usually dies within a couple of weeks. Mackie is one of the replacements that, for some odd, reason, did not die when he was supposed to.

I can completely relate to this kid. Everyone knows what it’s like to feel like a freak in high school, how you’re completely different from everyone. Mackie actually is a freak, and he’s very much aware of how different he is from other people. More aware of it than other people are, in fact. He’s not human, he’s not quite sure what his deal is, and he’s just trying to keep his head down so the superstitious town doesn’t freak out. He’s also kind of a sweet heart and a hero by accident. Those are two of my favorite things.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Mackie is the fact that he’s an idiot. You can read it going ‘Why would you do that? Mackie stop it. Mackie, no. Mackie!’ and be reminded that he is, in fact, a teenager. He makes mistakes. And he’s sweet and he’s just lovely and I love him.


We’re not talking about Twilight. We’re talking about North of Beautiful. One of my favorite books, for some reason. There’s something wonderful about Jacob, right from the start. For some background, Jacob is one of the main characters of the story. He was adopted from China when he was very young by a wealthy blonde lady, and meets the protagonist when she almost hits him with her car after getting a treatment to try and remove the giant birthmark (port wine stain) on her face. His attitude toward life is generally light, and he likes to use humor to get through things. but he also knows when to be serious. The truly spectacular thing about Jacob is his philosophy.

Basically, he takes everything, clothing and the like, to be costumes to project what you want people to see, what you want them to think about you. When he goes into a small town where people don’t know him and his family, he knows people are going to stare. He’s clearly adopted and he’s not female (most children adopted out of China are female). People also tend to point out the scar on his face from a surgery to correct the cleft lip. He’s used to staring, but he’s also decided he’s going to decide why people stare. So, in a small town, he goes full out goth. I appreciate that.

I might like Jacob just a bit more than Mackie, but that might be due to the fact that the story of North of Beautiful is put together better than The Replacement. So yeah. I love them both.

Augustus Waters

I lied. He’s getting his own blog. I just really wanted to mention him here, put the thought in your mind. I don’t think you’re ready for Augustus Waters.

Toodle loo!

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